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“As a chief dietician Malavika and her Team provided us with thorough and seamless support which was needed to be practiced in Patni in regards to health consciousness, hygiene, food and water quality etc.

We were really impressed with her services and will be missing her thoroughness in her subject knowledge, her professional approach, and her ability.

On behalf of entire Patni Computers Systems Ltd. I wholeheartedly thank Malavika for excellent services rendered to our organization.

Dr. Amit Narendra Mahimkar
Manager Administration & Head Facility-PKP
Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
“Malavika Athavale and the Eatrite team have been doing a great job at our organization. Our objective was to provide an environment fostering holistic health and our canteen facilities were a key component of this. The Eatrite team has been working hard with our associates, caterers and other suppliers in ensuring that employee health and nutrition is maintained and improved. From auditing caterer kitchens to providing customized nutrition consulting to our associates, all the relevant bases have been covered by the Eatrite team.

Best wishes to them and may the Eatrite team spread good health all around!”

“Balasubramanian Sankaranarayanan (Bala)”
“Practice Director, Cognizant”
The team at Eatrite is extremely prompt in coming back to you with solutions to your queries, replying to mails, sending your meal schedule.

When it comes to visiting the clinic, it makes me feel like I am going home. They are amazingly comforting & responsive to your problems. They always have an easier substitute for people who have issues following some specific routine.

Mihir Sutaria
I have been able to learn tiny tips that have made my life healthier without any extra time (which for us full time working mothers is the greatest asset) being spent on maintaining the healthier routine.

It has been a Lifestyle change that I am certain I will be able to follow for always.

Shabnam Rangwala
Spastic Society
The overall experience at Eatrite has been very wholesome. The team is extremely friendly and makes me feel at ease each time I go. The diet charts planned are practical and easy to implement. What I like about Eatrite is their focus is not only on weight gain or weight loss but an overall healthy body. They do not give you crash diets but diets; which are easy to follow for a lifetime.

I am very happy with the over all experience and would definitely recommend Eatrite to anyone who needs a diet recommendation.

Dr. Geeta Shah
She not only helps us with diet consultation, but also with regular snippets and articles on nutrition for our associates. She has been instrumental in bringing about positive changes in cafeteria through food surveys, surprise kitchen visits and critical inputs to the vendor. Thanks, Malavika for all the good work that you have done. We look forward to your support in future as well!

Sonia Kulkarni
Head Human Resources
Cognizant Technology Solutions