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Nutrition link between mother and foetus
Pregnancy is an important stage in a womanís life. The motherís body now has to take care of an additional life that is a foetus/ baby. Pregnancy is divided into 3 stages better known as 3 trimesters. Many physiological, nutritional, mental changes take place in motherís body during pregnancy. Adequate nutrition, exercise along with medical supervision is very important for motherís health. Nutritional demands highly increase in expecting mothers.
Common problems occurring during pregnancy are:

Some of the complications that may occur during pregnancy:

 Anaemia (low iron and folic acid levels in blood)
Proper nutrition along with good medical guidance would help the expecting mothers to overcome these problems and will also help to meet the nutritional requirements of both the mother and the foetus.
Pregnancy package would include:

A session end of every trimester + 1 session during Lactation (maintenance) i.e. Ė overall 4 sessions, which would include:
 Body Mass Index (BMI)
 Body Fat Percentage
 Body Water Percentage
 Diet chart for every session depending on the trimester needs
 Nutritious Recipes
 Exercise Schedule & Food Diary